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Adult Height Outcome of Girls with Idiopathic Central Precocious Puberty Treated with GnRH Analogs is Irrespective of BMI

Tommaso Aversa , Mariella Valenzise , Malgorzata Wasniewska , Maria Francesca Messina , Alessandra Santisi & Filippo De Luca

Department of Pediatrics, University of Messina, Messina, Italy

Background: GnRH analogs (GnRHa) have been used in treatment of idiopathic central precocious puberty (ICPP) for several decades. Their effectiveness on adult height (AH) improvement has been widely studied and is still debated.

Objective and hypotheses: To assess whether BMI changes in ICPP girls during GnRHa treatment can influence AH.

Method: A retrospective study of 131 ICPP girls (mean age at diagnosis: 7.6±0.7, range 4.3–9.0 years), treated for a period of 29.3±7.6 months, was performed. Data on chronological age (CA), height (H), bone age (BA), BMI, predicted AH (PAH), target height (TH) were collected. In relation to BMI SDS at the begin and at the end of GnRHa treatment, patients were categorized in four groups: persistent normal weight (Group 1), normal weight who became overweight or obese (Group 2), overweight or obese who became normal weight (Group 3), persistent overweight or obese (Group 4).

Results: (Table 1)

Table 1.
Group 1 (n.64)Group 2 (n.20)Group 3 (n.16)Group 4 (n.30)P
Onset of therapy
CA (years)7.7±0.67.6±0.67.6±0.67.6±0.80.925
BA minus CA (years)2.0±0.82.4±0.82.5±0.62.5±0.80.003
H (SDS)0.2±1.10.9±1.30.3±1.00.9±1.20.018
BMI (SDS)−0.2±0.80.7±0.31.3±0.21.6±0.40.001
PAH (SDS)−1.5±1.1−1.1±1.0−2.0±0.9−1.4±1.40.138
Treatment stop
CA (years)10.3±0.710.0±0.510.1±0.610.0±0.70.125
BA minus CA change (years)−0.6±0.6−0.4±0.6−0.7±0.4−0.5±0.60.460
H (SDS)−0.1±0.90.6±1.2−0.01±0.90.5±1.10.007
BMI (SDS)0.2±0.61.3±0.20.7±0.31.7±0.40.001
Duration of treatment (months)30.1±8.328.8±6.929.3±5.727.9±7.40.582
Menarche (years)11.7±0.711.5±0.711.8±0.711.5±0.70.438
AH minus TH (SDS)0.2±1.10.4±0.80.03±1.00.3±1.20.817
AH minus PAH (SDS)0.4±0.80.7±0.80.8±1.00.6±1.00.443

Conclusion: A moderate increment in BMI was on overall observed in our cohort. However, BMI modifications during GnRHa treatment do not seem to influence adult height outcome in our population.

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