ESPE Abstracts (2014) 82 P-D-2-3-360

'My Diabetes' Application for Android Devices as a Diabetes Management Tool

María José Ballestera, Luis Alberto Santillanaa, Rossen Varvanovb, Katarzyna Buch-Gaszc, Adam Gaszd, María José Sancheza, Carmen María Lopeza, Elena Martína & Enrique Palomoa

aHospital General Universitario Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real, Spain; bFreelance IT Specialist, Sofía, Bulgaria; cFreelance Language Teacher, Puertollano, Spain; dD-Brother, Puertollano, Spain

Introduction: A fundamental element in the successful diabetes management is the education of patients. Modern technology opens new horizons and provides new tools in empowering patients in their learning process.

Objectives: Presentation, evaluation and critical medical review of ‘My Diabetes’ application whose Spanish version has been studied, reviewed and analysed in detail by our endocrinology unit and D-parents. Provide insight into its potential for young D-patients, parents and their medical teams.

Material and methods: This non-commercial, free application is unique in many aspects. It has been carefully designed with sound medical knowledge incorporated in the form of scientific algorithms and thorough understanding of the daily diabetes management requirements which result in extensive compilation, graphic visualization and history analysis of data. ‘My Diabetes’ puts in the hands of the patient/parent a highly sophisticated system of analysis of trends in glycemia and insulin needs assisted by a calculator of bolus in the form of separate bolus estimate for carbohydrates and protein/fat (Dual Wave, Square, Normal) with extensive country-specific food list to rely on. There is a full insulin action tracking with allowance for corrections and exercise. The insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate ratio can be adjusted to different parts of the day. Apart from standard tracking of medicine, blood pressure, weight, HbA1c, food intake and exercise, the application generates all statistics including hipoglycemia/hiperglycemia risk factor and variability. The information input is manual or by data transfer (CSV, CareLink, On Track), data can be sent to the medical staff by e-mail. Available in ten languages.

Conclusion: This free Android application with its sound medical background, is a powerful diabetes management tool for young diabetic patients and parents enabling them to learn, keep close monitoring on daily basis, facilitating information exchange and medical feedback.

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