ESPE Abstracts (2014) 82 P-D-3-3-840

Growth (2)

Changes in BMI in GHD and SGA Children in the First Year of Treatment

Juan-Pablo Llanoa,b, Teresa Ortiz Picona & Mauricio Llanoa


aLaboratorio de Investigacion Hormona, Bogota, Colombia; bEsimed, Bogota, Colombia

Background: The effect of GH has been classically described as anabolic which should lead to changes in body composition in children during treatment. Likewise, GHD typically occurs in children with short stature and increased BMI.

Objective and hypotheses: The aim of this study was to assess changes in BMI in children before and after initiation of treatment with GH in patients with GH deficit in small for gestational age and year. Starting variables as age, sex, dose and growth rate and evaluating criteria were included.

Method: One year prospective follow-up study in 106 patients with GH deficit and 44 small for gestational age patients with assessment of BMI at baseline and every 3 months during treatment with GH. All patients gave informed consent. Variables such as growth rate, changes in BMI and gain in net weight were analysed.

Results: At the beginning of treatment, the mean height SDS was −2.63 and −2.36 after 12 months SDS. The average BMI was −0.6 SDS without significant difference after 12 months. Despite a good estatural gain no net changes in body composition in patients treated with somatropin after 12 months. In our population GHD patients tend to have BMI below the mean for age and sex unlike classically described. Small for gestational age patients had similar results.

Conclusion: The effects of GH on body composition do not occur during the first year of treatment in patients with GH deficit or small for gestational age despite changes in the growth rate. Likewise, at the beginning of treatment BMI is less than expected for age and sex.

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