ESPE Abstracts (2015) 84 P-3-775

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Precocious Puberty: Rare Association

Mimouna Bessahraoui, Radia Rezak & Sidi mohamed Azzouz

Departement of Medecine, Oran, Algeria

Background: Precocious puberty is defined as pubertal development that begins at an earlier age than expected; most paediatric endocrinology subspecialists use cutoff ages of 8 years for girls and 9 years for boys.

Objective and hypotheses: We reported in this case, rare association between type 1 diabetes mellitus and precocious puberty.

Method: We present a girl with type 1 diabetes developed at the age of 3 years, with good glycaemic control using insulin. She also had a developmental. At the age of 6 years child had breast enlargement, height increase, and an increase in growth velocity. On examination, she was found to have Tanner stage 3 breast development, and her vaginal mucosa was oestrogenised. Her height was above the 97th percentile.

Results: Biochemically, she was diagnosed as having central precocious puberty, and magnetic resonance imaging of her pituitary gland diagnosed central precocious puberty idiopathic. Treatment with leuprolide resulted in normalisation of her growth rate and regression of the breast development; the vaginal mucosa also became unoestrogenised.

Conclusion: Precocious puberty and type 1 diabetes is a rare association. The relationship has not been determined.

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