ESPE Abstracts (2016) 86 P-P2-511

Fat Metabolism and Obesity P2

Lifestyle Survey of Doctors, Medical Residents and Medical Students in Latvia

Jurgita Gailitea,b, Urzula Nora Urbanea,b, Eliza Salijumaa, Ligita Arnicanea, Ludmila Terjajevaa, Renars Ertsa, Iveta Dzivite-Krisanea,b & Dace Gardovskaa,b


aRiga Stradin’s University, Riga, Latvia; bChildren’s Clinical University Hospital, Riga, Latvia

Background: According to World Health Organization, balanced diet and regular physical activity is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Objective and hypotheses: The aim of this study was to evaluate lifestyle habits of the healthcare personnel in Latvia.

Method: Data about eating habits, physical activity, duration of sleep and other lifestyle factors were collected from medical students, medical residents and specialized doctors working in Latvia.

Results: The study included 727 participants, 445 (61.2%) of them specialized doctors, 190 (26.1%) medical residents and 92 (12.7%) medical students. Only 72.1% doctors, 60.8% residents and 65.6% of students reported having balanced diet. Significant portion of respondent groups reported sleep <7 h (41.6%, 44.7% and 71.4% respectively). Only 3.9% doctors, 7.4% residents and 6.5% students observed the recommended frequency of moderate intensity physical activity of five times a week. The amount of respondents taking part in three times weekly high intensity physical activity was 10.1% of doctors, 14.2% residents and 15.2% students. BMI of doctors, residents and students was 25.90±4.07, 22.74±3.55, and 22.03±3.48 respectively, the BMI of doctors being significantly higher than that of other groups (P<0.001). The prophylactic visit to their general practitioners was attended by 56.0% of doctors, 67.2% residents and 64.1% students.

Conclusion: Medical personnel in Latvia often fail to maintain adequate diet, duration of sleep and physical activity. The study reported a tendency of Latvia’s doctors to be overweight. The low prophylactic health examination attendance rates display lack of care about their own health in a significant proportion of the healthcare personnel in Latvia.

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