ESPE Abstracts (2018) 89 P-P2-362

Sex Differentiation, Gonads and Gynaecology or Sex Endocrinology P2

Mini-Puberty in Boys with Inguinal Cryptorchidism

Nadezda Raygorodskaya, Nina Bolotova, Kseniya Cherednikova, Nataliya Filina & Nataliya Nikolaeva


Saratov State Medical University, Saratov, Russian Federation

Background: The period of 0–6 month of life is a short window for postnatal testicular maturation and the diagnostic of reproductive disorders.

Objective: To evaluate the functional condition of the hypothalamo-pitutary-gonadal axis in 1–3 months boys with cryptorchidism.

Method: 51 boys ages 1–3 months with cryptorchidism were examined: group 1–30 boys with unilateral inguinal retention testes and group 2–21 boys with bilateral inguinal testes. Control group consist of 40 healthy boys ages 2–3 month. Methods: orchiometriya, ultrasound and hormonal tests – gonadotropins, testosterone and inhibin B serum levels by immunoenzyme assays;

Results: In group 1 scrotal testicular 2.3±0.46 cm3 was like as control group (P=0.8). Hormonal tests results showed the increase of the LH serum level in 24% and the increase of FSH in 40%. The testosterone – 4.0 [3.0; 5.4] nmol/l and inhibin B – 380 (344; 422) pg/ml remained normal. In group 2 inguinal testes were found by ultrasound. Hormonal tests revealed different results: a) normal LH, FSH, testosterone and inhibin B level in 11 (52%) patients; b) increase the LH – 7.8 [6.0; 11.1] IU/l and FSH 15.9 [8.8; 19] IU/l (P=0.0007) level, normal testosterone – 5.0 (1.3; 5.4) nmol/l and decrease inhibin B level 96 [48; 97] IU/l (P=0.023) in 6 (28.6%) boys; c) low LH - 0.08[0.05; 0.12], FSH serum level, low testosterone and inhibin B – 39 [28; 43] (P=0.003) in 4 (19.4%) boys.

Conclusion: Subclinical testicular disorders were revealed in 40% 1–3 month patients with unilateral inguinal cryptorchidism and 28.6% with bilateral inguinal cryptorchidism; the hypogonadotropic hypogonadism was diagnosed – in 19.4% boys with bilateral inguinal cryptorchidism.

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