ESPE Abstracts (2018) 89 P-P3-071

Multiple Autoimmune Association and Varied Spectrum of Presentation in Indian Diabetic Children

Aashish Sethi, Smita Ramachandran & Inderpal Kochar

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, India

Objective: To define the prevalence of autoantibodies at presentation in children with type 1 diabetes and to determine the associated comorbid autoimmune conditions in Indian pediatric patients.

Materials and Methods: Children (n=468) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, India for childhood Diabetes were screened for autoimmune thyroid disease (thyroid peroxidase autoantibodies [TPOAb]), celiac disease (tissue transglutaminase autoantibodies [TTGAb]) which were further confirmed by thyroid function test for thyroid disease and upper GI endoscopy and biopsy for coeliac disease.

Results: Of the 468 children, 174 had islet cell antibodies positivity, and of these, 14 (8.04%) had autoimmune thyroid disease and 7 (4.02%) had celiac disease. Two patients had autoimmune Type1 diabetes with thyroid disease and coeliac disease at the time of presentation.

Conclusions: All the associated co-morbid autoimmine conditions should be screened at the time of presentation, and followed up regularly both in the presence and absence of antibodies, as they have a variable presentation. Early detection of commonly associated autoantibodies at type 1 diabetes onset may prevent complications associated with delayed diagnosis of these disorders.

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