ESPE Abstracts (2018) 89 P-P3-164

Obesity in Adolescents, is Accompanied by a High Levels of Leptin and a Low Serum Ghr Level in the Blood Plasma. A High Degree of Obesity is Accompanied by a Greater Higher Leptin Level and Decrease in the Ghr Level. These Changes are More Significant Registered in Abdominal Ob

Tatiana Malinovskaya

State Institution “V.missarenko Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism, NAMS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

Introduction: About 20 thousands of new cases of obesity (Ob) are first registered in children and adolescents in Ukraine annually (morbidity 2.72/1000, prevalence 13.50/1000 of the corresponding population on 01.01.2016). Adolescent Ob shows catastrophic rise (prevalence 8.9/1000 in 2001 vs 28.3/1000 in 2015). Completely unclear the role of Ghr in the etiopathogenesis of obesity in adolescents.

Methodology: A total of 39 obese children with HD (14 boys, 15.1±1.4 y.) and 14 healthy control (mean age 14.6±1.2 y.) were included into the study. Among patients with HD- 16 patients (41.03%) had visceral abdominal obesity (VAOb), 23 patients (58.97%) had gluteofemoral obesity (GFOb). Serum Leptin, Ghrelin, Insulin level, HOMA-IR were studied. Such studies are conducted in Ukraine for the first time.

Results: Overweightt was revealed in 15 (38.5%) patients, ObI – in 8 (20.5%) people, ObII – in 10 (25.6%) persons, ObIII – in 6 people (15.4%). The signs of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR > 2.77; IRI>20 μIU/mL) were noted in 60% patients. Level of leptin in children with obesity VAOb was 47.2±5.54 ng/ml (BMI 35.2±5.07 kg/m2) and was significantly higher (26.5±7.13 ng/ml, P<0.05) than in children in the group with GFOb, in combination with similar metabolic disorders, BMI at the same time was 28.7±2.4 kg/m2). Serum Ghr level was found significantly lower in obese adolescents compared to that of control group and was dependent on the degree of Ob. The level of Ghr was the lowest (582.58±59.37 ng/mL) in patients with ObIII. The level of Ghr was significantly lower (P<0.05) in patients with VAOb than with GFOb (656,63±113,16 vs 1212,13±114,6 ng/ml, respectively). The levels of hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance were increased with an increase in the degree of obesity.

Conclusion: Obesity in adolescents, is accompanied by a high levels of leptin and a low serum Ghr level in the blood plasma. A high degree of obesity is accompanied by a greater higher Leptin level and decrease in the Ghr level. A significantly higher Leptin level and lower Ghr level was registered in abdominal Ob comparing to gluteofemoral type of obesity. Further studies the relationship of Leptin abd Ghr level, insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia in obese adolescents are required.

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