ESPE Abstracts (2019) 92 P2-241

Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty

Effect of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Agonist Treatment on Final Adult Height in Boys with Idiopathic Central Precocious Puberty

Eun Young Kim1, Kyung Hee Yi2, Jae Hee Lee1


1Department of Pediatrics, Chosun University College of Medicine, Gwangju, Korea, Republic of. 2Department of Pediatrics, Wonkwang University Sanbon Medical Center, Gunpo, Korea, Republic of

Purpose: Central precocious puberty (CPP) is less common in boys than girls; very little data is reported on long-term effects of gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog (GnRHa) treatment in boys with CPP. The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact of treatment with GnRHa on adult height (AH) and body mass index (BMI) in boys with idiopathic CPP.

Subjects and Methods: In 18 boys with confirmed diagnosis of idiopathic CPP, auxological [height, height standard deviation score (HT-SDS), bone age (BA), HT prediction) and endocrinological parameters were obtained at baseline, at 6 months and at 1 year after GnRHa treatment, and at the time of reaching the final adult height in boys with CPP.

Results: The duration of GnRHa treatment in boys with idiopathic CPP was 23.6±9.1 months. AH, reached after GnRHa treatment was 171.7±4.8 cm, it was similar to the pretreatment predicted AH (PAHav) for average tables of Bayley and Pinneau (BP). Also it was similar to the target height (TH, 171.0±4.0 cm). The pretreatment PAH for accelerated tables of BP (179.6±6.2 cm) was overestimated than AH (P<0.001). Hormone levels reduced during treatment, increased to normal after GnRHa treatment. BMI-SDS for chronological age was decreased during and after GnRHa treatment. Regression analysis between AH and several parameters showed a positive correlation with TH, and PAHav, PAH, HT, and HTSDS at diagnosis, 6 months and 1 year after treatment. In multiple regression analysis of the variables that affect the AH, PAHav at 6months after GnRHa treatment had positive correlation with AH (P<0.001).

Conclusion: The present data indicate that GnRHa treatment can improve final adult height into the range of target height without significant adverse effects in boys with CPP.

Volume 92

58th Annual ESPE meeting

Vienna, Austria
19 Sep 2019 - 21 Sep 2019

European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology 

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