hrp0089rfc5.3 | Thyroid | ESPE2018

Incidence and Treatment Outcome of Childhood Thyrotoxicosis

Rodanaki Maria , Lodefalk Maria , AEman Jan

Aim: To study the incidence of childhood thyrotoxicosis in five counties in central Sweden during 1990–2009 and to study the treatment outcome.Methods: Children below the age of 16 years diagnosed with thyrotoxicosis during the 20-years period and living in the study area were identified retrospectively. Data on the total number of children below 16 years of age living in the area during the study period was collected from the National Board of Stat...

hrp0084fc8.5 | Obesity - Basic | ESPE2015

Adipocytokines in Placenta and Cord Blood in Relation to Maternal Obesity, and Foetal and Postnatal Growth of the Child

Allbrand Marianne , AEman Jan , Lodefalk Maria

Background: The nutritional and hormonal state in utero may be a link between maternal obesity and obesity in the offspring. The gene expression in placentae in pregnancies complicated by diabetes is reduced for leptin, but increased for ghrelin. It is not known whether these genes’ expressions in placentae are altered in maternal obesity.Objectives and hypotheses: To compare obese and normal-weight women and their children concerning gene ...