hrp0089p2-p344 | Sex Differentiation, Gonads and Gynaecology or Sex Endocrinology P2 | ESPE2018

Copy-Number Variations of the Human Olfactory Receptor Gene Family in Patients with Macromastia and Prepubertal Gynecomastia

Baş Firdevs , Karaman Birsen , Al Aslı Derya Kardelen , Heidargholizadeh Somayyeh , Najaflı Adam , Toksoy Guven , Poyrazoğlu Şukran , Yıldız Melek , Uyguner Oya , Başaran Seher , Darendeliler Feyza

Background: Aromatase excess syndrome (AEXS) (OMIM 139300) is a rare condition characterized with gynecomastia in boys and macromastia in girls. Estrogen excess in boys can lead to prepubertal and pubertal gynecomastia, bone age progression and short adult stature. While most of girls are usually asymptomatic, there are few reported female patients with excessive breast growth, early puberty, menstrual irregularities, and short adult stature. Male and female children with AEXS...

hrp0089p1-p200 | Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty P1 | ESPE2018

PROKR2 Mutations in Patients with Growth Hormone Deficiency and Multiple Pituitary Hormone Deficiency

Najaflı Adam , Baş Firdevs , Karaman Birsen , Al Aslı Derya Kardelen , Toksoy Guven , Poyrazoğlu Şukran , Uyguner Oya , Avcı Şahin , Altunoğlu Umut , Ozturan Esin Karakılıc , Başarn Seher , Darendeliler Feyza

Background: Rokineticin receptors (PROKR1 and PROKR2) belong to the family of G protein-coupled receptors. Bi-or mono allelic mutations in PROKR2 gene have been identified in Kallmann syndrome which is characterized by hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and anosmia/hyposmia. Recently, PROKR2 mutations were reported in patients with multiple pituitary hormone (MPHD) and growth hormone deficiencies (GHD), suggesting a potential role for the PROK2 p...