hrp0092p1-428 | Thyroid (2) | ESPE2019

Anti-Gastric Parietal Cells Antibodies for Autoimmune Gastritis Screening: A Follow-Up Study in Young Patients with Autoimmune Thyroid Disease.

Calcaterra Valeria , Montalbano Chiara , Vinci Federica , Miceli Emanuela , Regalbuto Corrado , Albertini Riccardo , Larizza Daniela

Introduction: The association between ATD and AIG is very poorly characterized in pediatric age. We review the prevalence of the anti-gastric parietal cells antibodies (APCA) in young patients with ATD and we evaluated the development of AIG during follow-up, in order to define the usefulness of these markers for AIG screening in these patients.Patients and Methods: We evaluated 220 children and adolescents (11.28 ±...

hrp0086p1-p614 | Growth P1 | ESPE2016

Serum α-Klotho Levels are not Informative for the Evaluation of GH Secretion in Short Children

Elsedfy Heba , Meazza Cristina , Radetti Giorgio , Khalaf Randa I. , Pagani Sara , Sessa Nicodemo , Albertini Riccardo , De Stefano Anna Maria , Navarra Antonella , Lupi Fiorenzo , El Kholy Mohamed , Bozzola Mauro

Background: α-klotho is a transmembrane protein which can be cleaved and act as a circulating hormone. Since low α-klotho levels were found in organic GH deficiency (GHD) and high levels in acromegaly, an interaction between α-klotho, GH and linear growth has been suggested.Objective and hypotheses: We investigated the role of α-klotho protein as a reliable marker of GH secretion in short children and the factors influencing its secre...

hrp0082p3-d1-901 | Pituitary | ESPE2014

Music Benefits on Postoperative Distress and Pain in Pediatric Day Care Surgery

Calcaterra Valeria , Larizza Daniela , Nakib Ghassan , Ostuni Selene , Bonomelli Irene , Mencherini Simonetta , Zambaiti Elisa , Mannarino Savina , Albertini Riccardo , Tinelli Carmine , Pelizzo Gloria

Background: Postoperative effect of music listening has not been established in pediatric age.Objective and hypotheses: The purpose of this study is to better understand the benefits of music on postoperative distress and pain in Pediatric Day Care Surgery.Methods: Forty-two children admitted for minor or intermediate surgery, were enrolled in this study. Patients were randomly assigned to the ‘music-group’ (music interve...