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Increasing Waist/Height Ratio and BMI Z-Score are Associated with Increased Comorbidities in Obese Youth, although Neither Accurately Identifies those with Abnormal Glucose Metabolism

Kao Kung-Ting , Alexander Erin , Harcourt Brooke E , McCallum Zoe , Wake Melissa , Werther George , Sabin Matthew

Background: At a population level, increasing age/sex corrected BMI Z-score (BMI-Z) is associated with increased risk of complications. It is unclear whether severity of obesity is a good predictor of comorbidities within groups of obese children. This knowledge is required to inform clinical management and pathways of care.Objective and hypotheses: In obese youth, to identify whether 1 increasing BMI-Z+/− waist/height ratio(WHtR) is associated wit...

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Identifying Critical Periods for Maintaining Weight Loss in Obese Children

Peacock Amanda , Mushtaq Talat , Alexander Erin , Truby Helen , Greenwood Darren , Russo Vince , Yau Steven , Werther George , Sabin Matthew

Background: Adults have a weight that is normal for them. This is referred to as their ‘set-point’ for weight. Studies have shown physiological protection of this set-point, explaining why most obese adults who diet eventually regain weight.Objective and hypotheses: We hypothesised that set-points for weight, and their physiological defence, are flexible in childhood but become fixed sometime around puberty. We aimed to show that obese children...

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FTO rs9939609 Polymorphism is Associated with the Presence of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Obese Youth

Kao Kung-Ting , Alexander Erin , Harcourt Brooke E , Saffery Richard , Wake Melissa , McCallum Zoe , Werther George , Sabin Matthew

Background: Emerging evidence suggests FTO polymorphisms are associated with obesity-related comorbidities including type 2 diabetes (T2DM), hypertension and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). However association of FTO with other comorbidities such as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in paediatric populations is less clear.Objective and hypotheses: To investigate the prevalence of obesity-related comorbidities according to FTO genotype in an obese paedia...