hrp0095p1-546 | Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty | ESPE2022

Change of menarcheal age in schoolgirls living in Istanbul over the last 12 years

Guran Tulay , Alir Fahriye , Taha Arslan Yusuf , Molla Giasim , Sahin Berk , Emir Sayar Mehmet , Atay Zeynep , Helvacioglu Didem , Gurpinar Tosun Busra , Haliloglu Belma , Turan Serap , Hidiroglu Seyhan , Bereket Abdullah

Background: Menarche is the endpoint of a complex sequence of maturational events but is the unique marker of female puberty. Timing of menarche is a strongly heritable trait. However, secular trends suggest that lifestyle and/or environmental factors are important.Objective: To assess the trend in age at menarche (AAM) in Istanbul over the last 12 years, and compare the patterns according to socioeconomic status (SES), ...