hrp0092p3-41 | Bone, Growth Plate and Mineral Metabolism | ESPE2019

Myelofibrosis in Severe Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets: A Case Report

Magdy Omar Omneya , Hamed Amira

Background: Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in infants and children in underdeveloped countries. Secondary myelofibrosis has been reported as a complication of severe rickets and in these children anemia, myeloid metaplasia and bone aplasia strongly suggested myelofibrosis.Case report: We report a case of myelofibrosis in two years old boy with severe vitamin D deficiency rickets and hepatosplenomegaly. He presented wi...

hrp0089p3-p059 | Bone, Growth Plate & Mineral Metabolism P3 | ESPE2018

Assessment of Vitamin D Status in Healthy Pre-pubertal Egyptian Children

Hamza Rasha , Toeima Nadin , Hamed Amira

Background: Despite a shining sun all through the year, vitamin D deficiency is still prevalent in Egyptian children which suggests a relative resistance to vitamin D in Egyptian population.Aim: To assess 25(OH)D status in healthy pre-pubertal Egyptian children and to relate its levels to anthropometric parameters in these children.Methods: Sixty healthy children aged between 3 and 10 years coming to the Outpatient clinic, Children...

hrp0084fc5.6 | Endocrine Oncology/Turner | ESPE2015

Anti-Müllerian Hormone Levels in Patients with Turner Syndrome: Relation to Karyotype, Pubertal Development and GH Therapy

Hamza Rasha , Mira Marwa , Hamed Amira

Background: Gonadal dysgenesis in Turner syndrome (TS) results in pubertal delay or failure and infertility in most patients. However, up to 30% of girls with TS have spontaneous pubertal development and 2–5% have regular menstrual cycles before the onset of premature menopause. Serum anti-Mullerian (AMH) levels reflect the ovarian reserve in females, even in childhood.Objective and hypotheses: To Asses serum AMH levels in patients with TS and its r...

hrp0084p3-1024 | Growth | ESPE2015

Vitamin D Status in Pre-Pubertal Children with Isolated Idiopathic GH Deficiency: Effect of GH Therapy

Hamza Rasha , Hamed Amira , Abdelmohsen Rehab

Background: Some studies suggested a correlation between vitamin D (VD) and the GH-IGF1 but few studies, and with controversial results, have prospectively analysed the vitamin D status in children before and after GH treatment.Objective and hypothesis: To assess VD status in pre-pubertal children with idiopathic GH deficiency (GHD); and to evaluate effect of GHD and GH treatment on VD levels.Methods: 50 pre-pubertal children with ...