hrp0092p1-341 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity (2) | ESPE2019

ANGPTL2 and ANGPTL3 in Children with Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Azar Maryam Razzaghy , Nourbakhsh Mitra , Sadeghabadi Zahra Arab , Nourbakhsh Mona

Introduction: Angiopoietin-like proteins (ANGPTLs) play critical roles in metabolism and are implicated in metabolic consequences of obesity. ANGPTL2 is a key adipocyte-derived inflammatory mediator that links obesity to systemic insulin resistance. ANGPTL3 directly regulate lipid, glucose and energy metabolism independent of angiogenic effects. In this study, we aimed to investigate the levels of ANGPTL2 and 3 in obese children and adolescents and their assoc...

hrp0082lbp-d3-1012 | (1) | ESPE2014

Total and Acylated Ghrelin Levels in Children and Adolescents with Growth Retardation

Nourbakhsh Mitra , Latifi Mona , Ilbeygi Davod , Azar Maryam Razzaghy

Background: Ghrelin is a somatotropic and orexigenic protein secreted primarily from stomach.Objective and hypotheses: Since both GH secretion and nutrition, two fundamental contributors in growth promotion, are enhanced by ghrelin, the aim of this study was to investigate the relationship of ghrelin hormone with growth retardation in 3- to 16-year-old children and adolescents and determine whether ghrelin levels are different between normal subjects and...

hrp0086p1-p6 | Adrenal P1 | ESPE2016

Novel CYP11A1 Mutations in 15 Patients (13 Families) with Variable Clinical Presentations

Goursaud Claire , Roucher-Boulez Florence , Mallet-Motak Delphine , Brauner Raja , Gay Claire Lise , Garcia Ana Mercedes , Lienhardt-Roussie Anne , Jennane Farida , Azar Maryam Razzaghy , Morel Yves

Background: The side chain cleavage enzyme (CYP11A1) catalyzes the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone, the first rate-limiting step of steroidogenesis. CYP11A1 mutations are associate with primary adrenal insufficiency (PAI) and, in 46,XY patients, Disorders of Sex Development (DSD). A total of 35 patients (27 families) are reported including 15 intermediate forms with delayed onset of PAI, variable degrees of DSD or normal male phenotype.<p class="abstext"...