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Three-Years Height Outcome During rhGH Therapy in Severe Short Subjects Affected by Skeletal Dysplasias

Massart F , Gnesi L , Baggiani A , Miccoli M

Background: Skeletal dysplasias comprise heterogeneous disorders often characterised by short stature with abnormalities of one or more of epiphysis, metaphysis or diaphysis. Over 200 types of skeletal dysplasias are identified, most of which are autosomal dominantly inherited. Actually, surgery has attempted to correct bone deformities but drug therapy for improving their severe short stature has been rarely attempted.Objective and hypotheses: Administr...

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Three-Years Height Outcome During rh-GH Therapy in Subjects with Achondroplasia and Hypochondroplasia

Massart Francesco , Vierucci Francesco , Miccoli Mario , Baggiani Angelo

Background: Achondroplasia (ACH) and hypochondroplasia (HCH) are the most common forms of chondrodysplasia. ACH is characterized by rhizomelic short stature, macrocephaly and lumber lordosis. Because HCH is clinically milder, HCH is often goes unrecognized in childhood but is diagnosed in adult life when disproportionate short stature becomes obvious.Objective: Although episodic reports showed the recombinant human GH (rhGH) treatment may improve short-t...