hrp0089p3-p148 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity P3 | ESPE2018

Investigation of Pubertal Effect on Thyroid Volume and IGF-1 Changes in Morbid Obese Children

Karaoglan Murat , Balci Onur , Keskin Mehmet

Context: Thyroid growth and insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) change depending on pubertal status and body mass index (BMI). The previous studies have reported some inconsistent results on association between thyroid volume (TV) and IGF-1 in terms of puberty and obesity.Objective: The aim of present study is to investigate pubertal effect of on TV and IGF-1 in morbid obese children.Design: The study population consisted of 250 c...

hrp0084p3-1192 | Thyroid | ESPE2015

The Comparing of Thyroid Volumes between Healthy and Obese Children in Respect of Anthropometric, Biochemical, and Metabolic Parameters

Keskin Mehmet , Karaoglan Murat , Balci Onur , Ozkur Ayhan , Keskin Ozlem

Objective: There have no been studies enough about thyroid volumes of obese and adolescent children. In this study, we purposed comparing of thyroid volumes in respect of anthropometric, biochemical, metabolic parameters in following groups: Overweight, obese, morbid obese, and healthy children.Method: Two groups were compared: The first group consisted of 190 children whose BMIs are above the 85th percentile. The second group was 90 children with normal...