hrp0084fc6.2 | Gonads & DSD | ESPE2015

A Role for DMRT1 in Human Primary Sex-Determination

Rojo Sandra , Murphy Mark , Lee John , Gearhart Micah , Kurahashi Kayo , Banerjee Surajit , Loeuille Guy-Andre , Zarkower David , Aihara Hideki , Bardwell Vivian , McElreavey Ken , Bashamboo Anu

Background: DMRT transcription factors are highly conserved regulators of metazoan sexual development. The role of DMRT1 in human primary sex-determination is unclear. Chromosome 9p deletions that remove one copy of DMRT1 are associated with 46,XY feminization and gonadal dysgenesis. While they suggest that DMRT1 is haploinsufficient for testicular development, these deletions usually remove other genes, including DMRT2 and DMRT3. Also, most 9p deletions cause incomplete gonad...