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Craniopharyngiomas diagnosed as incidentalomas - Results of KRANIOPHARYNGEOM 2007

Boekhoff Svenja , Bison Brigitte , Eveslage Maria , Sowithayasakul Panjarat , Beckhaus Julia , Friedrich Carsten , L. Müller Hermann

Purpose: Childhood-onset craniopharyngiomas (CP) are diagnosed due to clinical symptoms (symCP) or incidentally (incCP). In childhood-onset CP, studies on history before CP diagnosis have revealed symptoms and complaints related to CP, which were documented in CP patients’ records with a median duration of 5 months prior to CP diagnosis. We investigated clinical manifestations and outcome in incCPs and symCPs.Methods:</stro...

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Legal degree of disability in childhood-craniopharyngioma survivors during long-term follow-up: Results of the HIT-ENDO study

Boekhoff Svenja , Eveslage Maria , Beckhaus Julia , Friedrich Carsten , L. Müller Hermann

Background: Cranioparyngiomas are rare low-grade embryonic malformational tumors of the sellar/parasellar region. The prognosis after diagnosis during childood and adolescence is influenced by endocrine and hypothalamic long-term sequelae. A legal status of the degree of disability (GdB), according to the German Social Code Book V that is worthy of support provides financial means for psychosocial rehabilitation and participation of craniopharyngioma survivors...