hrp0084p3-812 | Endocrine Oncology | ESPE2015

Uterine Bleeding: A Rare Side Effect of Mitotane Treatment for Recurrent Adrenal Carcinoma

Kuperman Hilton , Bendit Israel , de Camargo Maria Fernanda Carvalho , Blucher Decio

Introduction: Mitotane is an adrenal-specific agent available for treatment of residual adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) after surgery, due to a specific, direct effect on adrenal cell mitochondria impairing adrenal steroidogenesis being associated with increased SHBG and modulates their disposal for target cell. We report a rare case of uterine bleeding during mitotane treatment in a girl with recurrent ACC.Case report: A 2.6 year-old girl was diagnosed w...