hrp0092p1-237 | Multisystem Endocrine Disorders | ESPE2019

The Effects of Fetal Electromagnetic Field Exposure on Expression of Anxiety Behavior and Associated Genes in Adolescent Period

OKSUZ Hale , OCAL Isil , AKILLIOGLU Kubra , ILGAZ Nermin Seda , OZPAK Lutfiye , KARACAY Seray , OKSUZ Halil Ibrahim , COBAN Fatma , SANGUN Levent , YILMAZ Mehmet Bertan

The stimulants that the mother is exposed during pregnancy may affect the baby in the future. Electromagnetic field exposure is an important external stimulus that we are subject to. In addition to the interaction of the earth and the sun with the magnetic field of man; nowadays the intensive use of electrical appliances, computers, mobile phones and internet, how electromagnetic field exposure may affect future generations will only occur in the continuation of our generation...