hrp0089p3-p188 | Fetal, Neonatal Endocrinology and Metabolism P3 | ESPE2018

Weight Outcome in Infants with Prolonged Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia Treated with Diazoxide vs Those with Spontaneous Resolution

Chandran Suresh , Rajadurai Victor Samuel , Yi Chng Hui , Jinjie Lin , Lim Joyce , Peng Fabian Yap Kok

Background: In newborns, physiological transition of glucose metabolism is typically completed within 48–72 h of life, yet prolonged hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia (HH) beyond 5d of life is not uncommonly encountered, especially in infants at-risk of hypoglycemia. Management includes intravenous dextrose while awaiting spontaneous resolution (SR) of HH or Diazoxide (DZX) therapy. Since DZX acts by suppressing insulin release, concerns arise whether weight gain in infancy w...