hrp0084lbp-1262 | Late Breaking Posters | ESPE2015

The Existence of an Androgen Responsive Transcriptome in the Peripheral Blood of Boys Extends the Utility of the HCG Stimulation Test

Rodie Martina , Herzyk Pawel , Mudaliar Manikhandan , Chudleigh Sandra , Tobias Edward , Ahmed Faisal

Background: The hCG stimulation test is a valuable method for assessing androgen production but there is a need to explore its utility in assessing androgen responsiveness and long-term prognosis.Objective and hypothesis: Our aim was to explore the effect of hCG stimulation on the peripheral transcriptome in boys undergoing investigation for DSD.Method: Thirteen boys undergoing investigation for 46,XY DSD received i.m. hCG 1500 U o...

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An Investigation Of Androgen-responsive Non-coding RNAs In Boys With Atypical Genitalia Without Genetic Variants in the Androgen Receptor (AR)

Alimussina Malika , McMillan Martin , Chudleigh Sandra , D McNeilly Jane , A Diver Louise , McGowan Ruth , S Tobias Edward , Faisal Ahmed S

Introduction: Recent studies point to the existence of androgen-responsive non-coding (nc) RNAs in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) RNA.Aim: To quantify the androgen-responsive gene expression of SNORD5 and RNY5 and investigate their relationship to the testosterone (T) rise following hCG stimulation in boys with no genetic evidence of androgen insensitivity.Methods: 19 bo...