hrp0084p3-596 | Adrenals | ESPE2015

Transient Pseudohypoaldosteronism as a Complication of Infected Obstructive Uropathy in Infancy, a Case Series

Da Costa Alexandra Rodrigues , Glew Simon , Fonseka Geetha , Ismail Dunia

Background: Pseudohypoaldosteronism is a rare condition of renal or systemic resistance to aldosterone, divisible into separate clinical presentations, each with a distinct physiological and genetic basis. Transient pseudohypoaldosteronism is a secondary form, characterised by reduced glomerulofiltration rate. It has been described in infants with obstructive uropathy and urinary tract infections.Method: We present five cases, presenting in infancy with ...

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A Novel Stem Cell Model for the Triple A Syndrome

Da Costa Alexandra Rodrigues , Qarin Shamma , Bradshaw Teisha Y. , Watson David , Prasad Rathi , Barnes Michael R. , Metherell Louise A. , Chapple J. Paul , Skarnes William C. , Storr Helen L.

Triple A syndrome (AAAS) is a rare, incurable, recessive disorder, characterised by achalasia, alacrima, adrenal failure and a neurodegenerative phenotype. The AAAS gene encodes ALADIN, is a nuclear pore complex (NPC) protein necessary for nuclear import of DNA protective molecules, important for redox homeostasis. ALADIN’s role is not fully characterised: its discovery at the centrosome and the endoplasmic reticulum suggests a role outside the NPC. To date, the ...