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Clinical Presentation, Management, and the Outcomes of Pituitary Adenomas in Children

Sethi Aashish , Didi Mohammed , Dharmraj Poonam , Ramakrishnan Renuka , Senniappan Senthil , Das Urmi , Avula Shivaram , Sinha Ajay , Mallucci Conor , Daousi Christina , Gilkes Catherine , Thorp Nicola , Blair Joanne

Introduction: Pituitary adenoma (PA) in childhood is a rare disease, accounting for 3 % of all intracranial paediatric neoplasm, and between 3 to 6% of all PA. There are only few large studies describing paediatric pituitary adenoma and even fewer studies with long-term outcome.Methods: In this retrospective study, clinical, biochemical and radiological parameters and outcome of paediatric patients (<16 years...

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Exploring the Pathogenesis of Hypothalamic Obesity: the Interaction of Hormonal, Neuronal and Psychological Factors

Steele Caroline , Powell Joanne , Kemp Graham , Halford Jason , Wilding John , Harrold Joanne , Das Kumar , Cuthbertson Daniel , Javadpour Mohsen , MacFarlane Ian , Stancak Andrej , Daousi Christina

Background: Acquired hypothalamic damage frequently causes obesity (BMI ≥30 kg/m2), often refractory to treatment. The interaction of hormonal, neuronal and psychological factors underlying hypothalamic obesity (HO) remains poorly understood.Methods: In fasted and fed states participants underwent blood sampling (GLP-1, insulin, PYY, ghrelin and glucose), fMRI scanning (viewing food/non-food photographs) and assessment of hunger and sati...

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National United Kingdom Evidence- and Consensus-Based Guidelines for the Investigation, Treatment and Long-Term Follow-Up of Paediatric Craniopharyngioma

Gan Hoong-Wei , Morillon Paul , Albanese Assunta , Aquilina Kristian , Barkas Konstantinos , Chandler Chris , Chang Yen-Ch'ng , Daousi Christina , Drimtzias Evangelos , Farndon Sarah , Jacques Tom , Korbonits Marta , Kuczynski Adam , Limond Jennifer , Robinson Louise , Simmons Ian , Thomas Nick , Thomas Sophie , Thorpe Nicola , Vargha-Khadem Faraneh , Warren Daniel , Zebian Bassel , Gamble Ashley , Wilne Sophie , Harrison Barney , Spoudeas Helen , Mallucci Conor

Aims: Although rare, craniopharyngiomas are the commonest suprasellar tumour in childhood. Despite high overall survival, children and young people <19 years with craniopharyngiomas are at risk of multiple relapses and long-term tumour- and treatment-related neuroendocrine, cognitive and visual morbidity. A recent international survey highlighted the considerable variation in management strategies employed for these tumours, and the lack of any evidence- a...