hrp0086p2-p945 | Thyroid P2 | ESPE2016

Vitamin D Levels in Children with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Before and after I-Thyroxine Therapy

Chaudhary Navendu , Kumar Rakesh , Sachdeva Naresh , Dayal Devi

Background: There is high prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency (VDD) in HashimotoÂ’s thyroiditis (HT) as reported in literature. However, it is uncertain whether VDD is a cause or effect of HT. The effect L-thyroxine replacement on vitamin D levels in children with HT has not been studied.Objective and hypotheses: To study vitamin D level of newly diagnosed children with HT and to observe the change in vitamin D level after L-thyroxine therapy.<p c...

hrp0084p2-457 | Growth | ESPE2015

Low Plasma Ghrelin Levels in Children with Severe Protein Energy Malnutrition

Harikrishnan V , Kumar Rakesh , Sachdeva Naresh , Dayal Devi

Background: Protein energy malnutrition (PEM) is a catabolic state with altered energy balance and anorexia. Ghrelin is a peptide hormone, produced by neuro-endocrine cells in the stomach, which stimulates appetite, increases food intake and growth hormone release. Although many trials have shown short term efficacy of ghrelin to increase appetite in anorexic and cachectic patients, data on the children with PEM is scarce.Objective and hypotheses: The st...