hrp0089p2-p102 | Diabetes & Insulin P2 | ESPE2018

A Novel Missense Variant, p.(Thr405Arg), in the SLC19A2 Gene in an Infant with Thiamine Responsive Megaloblastic Anemia Syndrome Presenting with Anemia and Diabetes but with Normal Hearing

Spehar Uroic Anita , Milenkovic Dragan , De Franco Ellisa , Rojnic Putarek Natasa , Krnic Nevena

Objectives: Thiamine responsive megaloblastic anemia syndrome (TRMA) is characterized by the clinical triad of megaloblastic anemia, non-immune diabetes mellitus and sensorineural deafness. It is a very rare autosomal recessive disease with an increased frequency in consanguineous marriages and isolated communities. The syndrome is due to intracellular thiamine deficiency which is the result of a defective high affinity low performance thiamine transporter pro...