hrp0092p1-425 | Thyroid (2) | ESPE2019

Maternally Inherited Resistance to Thyroid Hormones with Discordant Postnatal Phenotypes in Two Infant Brothers

Cavin Rosalie , Chevalier Claudia , Van Vliet Guy , Deladoëy Johnny

Resistance to thyroid hormone due to mutations inactivating thyroid hormone receptor-Beta occurs in one in 40,000 individuals and can arise de novo or be inherited, generally in a dominant fashion. Clinical manifestations are widely variable and include failure to thrive in infancy. The biochemical diagnosis is usually straightforward: high serum fT4 and non-suppressed TSH.We report two brothers who both inherited the known c.728G>A, p.R24...

hrp0092fc5.4 | Thyroid | ESPE2019

Thyroid Dysgenesis: Exome-Wide Analysis Identifies Rare Variants in Genes Involved in Thyroid Development and Cancer

Larrivée-Vanier Stéphanie , Jean-Louis Martineau , Magne Fabien , Bui Helen , Samuels Mark E. , Polak Michel , Van Vliet Guy , Deladoëy Johnny

Context: Congenital hypothyroidism from thyroid dysgenesis (CHTD) is mainly a sporadic and non-syndromic condition occurring in 1:4,000 live births. In contrast to rare cases of syndromic monogenic CHTD, non-syndromic (NS) CHTD shows low familial recurrence risk (~2%) and low concordance rate between MZ twins, suggesting a two-hit scenario combining post-zygotic events with either a de novo monogenic mutation or incomplete penetrance of polyg...