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Can Different Diets (High Fat and High Fructose Diet) Affect Insulin Resistance, Tissue Advanced Glycation End Product Levels in Rats' Pancreas

Orbak Zerrin , Demirci Tuba , Ozturk Nurinnisa , Alaca Raziye

Introduction & Objectives: High consumption of processed foods rich in fat and sugar are associated with the increasing prevalence of metabolic disturbances like obesity, insülin resistance, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the relationship between advanced glycation end products and metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance caused by high fructose and high-fat diet, and also examine histologic...

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The Effects of Different Diets (High Fat and High Fructose Diet) on the Development of Insulin Resistance and Tissue Advanced Glycation End Product Levels in Rats

Demirci Tuba , Orbak Zerrin , Ozturk Nurinnisa , Kaygisiz Merve Durmus , Nalci Kemal Alp , Polat Zeliha Başak

Introduction & Objectives: Fat and fructose-rich nutrition bring many metabolic diseases, especially obesity and diabetes. Recent years, more scientific interest in how can diet effect on brain function has emerged. We aimed to investigate the effect of high fructose and high-fat diet on the brain, and whether the presence of relationship with advanced glycation end products histologically, in rat model.Materials & Method...