hrp0084p1-122 | Thyroid | ESPE2015

Congenital Hypothyroidism in Twin Couples and Triplets

Olivieri Antonella , Weber Giovanna , Cassio Alessandra , Costa Pietro , Calaciura Francesca , Medda Emanuela , Vigone Maria Cristina , De Filippis Tiziana , Gelmini Giulia , Marelli Federica , Di Russo Valeria , Persani Luca

Background: Over the years special screening procedures for preterm and twin babies (re-screening at 2–4 weeks of life) have been adopted by many screening laboratories worldwide. However, no extensive studies have been performed to verify how many co-twins with negative test at first screening (3–5 days) become positive at re-screening, and the utility of a long-term follow-up also in co-twin with negative test at screening and re-screening.Ob...