hrp0097t9 | Section | ESPE2023

Early metabolic risk factors in children with 21 Hydroxylase Deficiency (21OHD): a case-control study

Apuzzo Diletta , Moracas Cristina , Izzo Anna , Di Mase Raffaella , Lorello Paola , Capalbo Donatella , Salerno Mariacarolina

Aims: The balance between hypo/hypercortisolism and hypo/hyperandrogenism is the main challenge in clinical management of patients with 21-hydroxylase deficiency (21OH-D). In adults, it has been established that both over and under-treatment might lead to the development cardiovascular risk factors. To date, only a few studies have addressed weather this risk begins in childhood. Aim of our study is to define the presence of early metabolic risk factors preval...

hrp0097t15 | Section | ESPE2023

Cognitive evaluation in children with 21 Hydroxylase Deficiency (21-OHD)

Moracas Cristina , Lorenzo Ivan , Apuzzo Diletta , Santamaria Fabiana , Amitrano Marianna , Salerno Mariacarolina , Capalbo Donatella

Objective: The balance between hypocortisolism and hyperandrogenism in patients with classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) treated with lifelong glucocorticoid (GC) is challenging. Glucocorticoid receptors are widely expressed in the brain; therefore it has been hypothesized that alterations in the exposure to glucocorticoids may affect cognitive ability in individuals with CAH. Only few studies have addressed this issue in children and results are scan...

hrp0097p1-489 | GH and IGFs | ESPE2023

Effects of GH therapy in patients with GHD (Growth Hormone Deficiency) on glucose homeostasis: results of a 10-years follow-up

Vasaturo Sara , Illiano Sara , Mirra Rita , Lorello Paola , Apuzzo Diletta , Di Mase Raffaella , Capalbo Donatella , Salerno Mariacarolina

Objectives: Among adverse effects of GH, a particular attention should be given to glucose homeostasis. The aim of the study was evaluate the effect of GH therapy on glucose homeostasis in children with GHD after 10 years of treatment.Methods: 30 patients (8 M/22 F, age 7.00 ± 2.61 years) with GHD at diagnosis and 30 healthy children comparable to patients for age, sex and BMI were enrolled. Glucose, insulin, HOMA-IR ...