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Establishment of Reference Intervals for Hair Cortisol in Healthy Children Aged 0-18 Years Using Mass Spectrometric Analysis

de Kruijff Ineke , Noppe Gerard , Kieviet Noera , Choenni Vandhana , Lambregtse-van den Berg Mijke , Begijn Dominique , Tromp Ellen , Dorst Kristien , van Rossum Elisabeth , de Rijke Yolanda , van den Akker Erica

Background: Human scalp hair is a valuable matrix for determining long-term cortisol concentrations, with wide-spread applicability in clinical care as well as research. However, pediatric reference intervals are lacking.The aim of this study is to establish age-adjusted reference intervals for hair cortisol in children aged 0-18 years and to gain insight into hair-growth velocity in children up to 2 years old.Methods: A...