hrp0094p2-404 | Sex differentiation, gonads and gynaecology or sex endocrinology | ESPE2021

Is inflammation the major driver of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)? A proteomic approach to understanding PCOS in adolescents and the search for novel non-invasive biomarkers

Harriet Gunn/ , Hällqvist Jenny , Doykov Ivan , Steinbeck Katharine , Mills Kevin

Background and Methods: PCOS is common and associated with significant comorbidity. However, its pathogenesis is complex and poorly understood. We have developed new methods for deep phenotyping discovery proteomic profiling of urine, aiming to identify disease mechanisms, drug targets and novel non-invasive biomarkers for PCOS in adolescents. Here, we present the baseline proteomic data from our prospective, longitudinal study (n=40). We undertook proteomic analysis ...