hrp0092p1-106 | Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty | ESPE2019

Management and Treatment Outcome of Craniopharyngiomas in Young Children Before 4 Years of Age in Italy: Multicentre Collection of 16 Cases

Baronio Federico , Zucchelli Mino , Aversa Tommaso , Driul Daniela , Guzzetti Chiara , Iughetti Lorenzo , Matarazzo Patrizia , Parpagnoli Maria , Pedicelli Stefania , Pozzobon Gabriella , Salerno Mariacarolina , Zucchini Stefano

Introduction: Craniopharyngiomas (CP) are rare pediatric intracranial tumors (1.2-4%) with a peak of incidence between 5-14 years . We retrospectively reviewed data of 16 cases (M/F 4/12) diagnosed before 4 years of age (median follow up 7.2 years) from a cohort of 117 patients (pts) (M/F 56/41) diagnosed after 01/01/2000, followed-up in 14 Italian centres of pediatric endocrinology belonging to the Italian Society for Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetolo...

hrp0092p2-232 | Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty | ESPE2019

Childhood Craniopharyngioma: Clinical Picture at Diagnosis in an Italian Multicentre Study

Menardi Rachele , Driul Daniela , Franco Francesca , Baronio Federico , Pozzobon Gabriella , Gallo Dario , Grossi Armando , Fintini Danilo , Parpagnoli Maria , Nardini Beatrice , Matarazzo Patrizia , Ibba Anastasia , Bruzzi Patrizia , Wasniewska Malgorzata , Salerno Mariacarolina , Fantini Jacopo , Zucchini Stefano

Diagnosis of craniopharyngiomas in childhood is often delayed due to nonspecific symptoms. In Italy all children are followed-up by paediatricians of the NHS and paediatric endocrinologists are present throughout the country. This would theoretically lead to an early diagnosis. We aimed to examine the clinical picture at diagnosis and duration of history before diagnosis in 117 patients (pts) followed-up at Endocrinology Centres belonging to the I.S.P.E.D..<p class="abstex...

hrp0097fc8.3 | Fat, metabolism and obesity 2 | ESPE2023

Impact of growth hormone therapy on body mass index in childhood-onset craniopharyngioma: a multicenter Italian study in 117 patients.

Ciacchini Benedetta , Zucchini Stefano , Pozzobon Gabriella , Pedicelli Stefania , Parpagnoli Maria , Driul Daniela , Matarazzo Patrizia , Baronio Federico , Panciroli Marta , Partenope Cristina , Nardini Beatrice , Ubertini Graziamaria , Menardi Rachele , Guzzetti Chiara , Iughetti Lorenzo , Aversa Tommaso , Di Mase Raffaella , Cassio Alessandra , Di Iorgi Natascia

Background: patients with childhood-onset craniopharyngioma (CO-CP) present long-term outcomes, including growth hormone (GH) deficiency and obesity. Currently, data on the effects of GH therapy (GHT) on the body mass index (BMI) in CP are inconclusive. Aims of the study were to evaluate BMI over time and its determinants in a large cohort of CO-CP patients treated with GH therapy (GHT).Methods: a multicenter retrospecti...

hrp0092p1-401 | Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty (2) | ESPE2019

Management and Treatment Outcome of Childhood-Onset Craniopharyngioma (CP) in Italy: Multicentre Collection of 117 Cases

Zucchini Stefano , Fantini Jacopo , Mazzatenta Diego , Pozzobon Gabriella , Partenope Cristina , Pedicelli Stefania , Ubertini Graziamaria , Parpagnoli Maria , Genitori Lorenzo , Menardi Rachele , Driul Daniela , Matarazzo Patrizia , Tuli Gerdi , Guzzetti Chiara , Iughetti Lorenzo , Aversa Tommaso , Di Mase Raffaella , Rutigliano Irene , Iezzi Maria Laura , Cherubini Valentino , Grandone Anna , Cassio Alessandra

In Italy, treatment of children with CP is not centralized. We collected data of 117 patients (pts) (M/F 56/41) with CP diagnosed after 01/01/2000, followed-up in 14 centres of paediatric endocrinology belonging to the I.S.P.E.D. Five centres provided data on more than 10 pts (range 12-19), while the remaining on 1-9. 46 pts were diagnosed between 2000-2010 and 71 afterwards. Follow-up was 7.5±4.1 yrs.Results. Histology was adamanti...

hrp0094p2-295 | Growth and syndromes (to include Turner syndrome) | ESPE2021

An Italian survey on GH stimulation tests and their adverse side effects.

Salvatoni Alessandro , Agosti Massimo , Aversa Tommaso , Azzolini Sara , Bozzola Mauro , Calcaterra Valeria , Cardinale Giuliana Marcella , Caruso Manuela , Cavarzere Paolo , Cherubini Valentino , Ciccone Sara , Dipasquale Laura , Driul Daniela , Faienza Maria Felicia , FORINO Concetta , Grandone Anna , Guzzetti Chiara , Iezzi Maria Laura , Iughetti Lorenzo , Loche Sandro , Maghnie Mohamad , Mameli Chiara , Mancioppi Valentina , Matarazzo Patrizia , Messini Beatrice , Parpagnoli Maria , Carolina Salerno Maria , Tornese Gianluca , Trettene Adolfo Andrea , Vannelli Silvia , Zucchini Stefano , Delvecchio Maurizio ,

Introduction: The diagnosis of GHD requires the coexistence of anamnestic, auxological and laboratory data. The latter are burdened by the poor accuracy and adverse effects of the stimulation tests. A recent european audit (Horm Res Paediatr 2019;92(3): 150-156) on GH diagnostic reported as preferred tests in Italy Insulin tolerance test (ITT), glucagon, clonidine, arginine and Arg-GHRH. We conducted a survey to explore which of them are most used in It...