hrp0097rfc14.5 | Late Breaking | ESPE2023

Functional demonstration that variants in the C-terminal of IHH cause short stature and/brachdactyly

Diaz-González Francisca , Modamio-Høybjør Silvia , Lucas-Castro Elsa , Coral Barreda-Bonis Ana , Campos-Barros Angel , González-Casado Isabel , Sentchordi-Montané Lucia , E. Heath Karen

Introduction: Variants in the N-terminal of the Indian-hedgehog gene (IHH) have been associated with Brachydactyly type-A1 (AD) and Acrocapitofemoral dysplasia (AR), only three of which have been functionally studied. However, heterozygous IHH variants, majority classified as variants of unknown significance (VUS) are being increasingly identified, not only in the N-terminal but also in the uncharacterized C-terminal, by NGS, in individuals with short...