hrp0084p3-918 | GH & IGF | ESPE2015

Are Short Children with Low GH Secretion Metabolically Different from Children of Normal Height?

Tidblad Anders , Ekstrom Klas , Ritzen Martin , Marcus Claude

Background: Severe GH deficiency (GHD) leads to several metabolic effects in the body ranging from abnormal body composition to biochemical disturbances such as high insulin sensitivity. However, less is known regarding these parameters in children with a milder deficiency in GH secretion.Objective and hypotheses: To analyse if short children with a relatively low GH secretion differ metabolically from healthy children of normal height.<p class="abst...

hrp0082fc3.3 | Diabetes | ESPE2014

Improved Hepatic Insulin Sensitivity in Children Randomized to CSII Treatment from Onset of Type 1 Diabetes

Ekstrom Klas , Skogsberg Lars , Fors Hans , Carlsson-Skwirut Christine , Bang Peter

Background: Our first report of this randomized controlled trial (RCT) demonstrated improved treatment satisfaction but no difference in HbA1c between the CSII and MDI treated groups, and added to the controversy as to whether CSII improves HbA1c or not. Therefore, we thought it would be valuable to assess if CSII had other potential advantages and if our finding of lower insulin dose requirements could be explained.Objective and Hypotheses: To study how...