hrp0089p3-p007 | Adrenals and HPA Axis P3 | ESPE2018

Refractory Cyclical Cushing’s Disease - a Case of Multiple Pituitary Micro-adenomas in a Three Year Old Girl after 8 Years Follow up

Robinson Elizabeth , Poonam Poonam Dharmaraj , Heyningen Carl van

Case presentation: A 3 years 10 months old British white girl presented with rapid weight gain of 11 kg over 4 months, hirsutism, central obesity, moon face, buffalo hump and hypertension.Investigations: Plasma cortisol, IGF-1 and ACTH levels were elevated. The 9am plasma cortisol was 1035 nmol/l (140–500) with simultaneous plasma ACTH 13 pmol/l (1–11). Plasma cortisol and ACTH levels responded to both dexamethasone suppression and CRH stimulat...