hrp0084p3-633 | Autoimmune | ESPE2015

Hypercalcaemia as an Indication of Adrenal Insufficiency in a Patient with Autoimmune Polyendocrinopathy–Candidiasis–Ectodermal Dystrophy

Dikaiakou Eirini , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpida-Athina , Anagnostou Elli , Panagiotopoulos Ioannis , Photinou Aspasia , Michalacos Stephanos

Background: Autoimmune polyendocrinopathy–candidiasis–ectodermal dystrophy (APECED), is a rare inherited disease of childhood, caused by the mutation of the AIRE gene on chromosome 21. It is characterized by three main diseases: chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis (CMC), chronic hypoparathyroidism (HP), and Addison’s disease (AD), and can be associated with other autoimmune diseases and/or manifestations of ectodermal dystrophy.Case...

hrp0086p2-p490 | Fat Metabolism and Obesity P2 | ESPE2016

Matsuda Index in Correlation with Clinical Indicators of Insulin Resistance in Children and Adolescents

Dikaiakou Eirini , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis , Petychaki Foteini , Patinioti Ioanna , Anagnostou Elli , Karachaliou Feneli , Kafetzi Maria , Fotinou Aspasia , Michalacos Stefanos

Background: Obesity-related insulin resistance is present in obese children and Matsuda index is a method proposed to evaluate insulin resistance, using data obtained from the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).Objective and hypotheses: To investigate whether the clinical indicators of family history of obesity and/or Type II diabetes, acanthosis nigricans, and increased waist circumference are associated with insulin resistance, as calculated by the Mat...

hrp0084p3-675 | Bone | ESPE2015

Pseudohypoparathyroidism Type 1b, a Rare Diagnosis in Adolescents

Vlachopapadopoulou Elpida-Athina , Dikaiakou Eirini , Karavanaki Kyriaki , Anagnostou Elli , Tsitoura Maria-Eleni , Tsolia Mariza , Mackay Deborah J G , Michalacos Stephanos

Background: Pseudohypoparathyroidism (PHP) is a rare group of disorders characterised by end-organ resistance to parathyroid hormone (PTH), and possibly TSH, with or without features of Albright’s hereditary osteodystrophy.Case presentation: A 14-year-old boy presented with fatigue and spontaneous carpal spasms in association with a febrile viral infection. Past medical history was significant for an episode of asymptomatic hypocalcemia treated with...

hrp0084p3-878 | Fat | ESPE2015

Obese Children and Adolescents: Reasons for Non-compliance with Follow-up Scheduling

Drosatou Chrysoula , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis-Athina , Karachaliou Feneli , Dikaiakou Eirini , Anagnostou Elli , Patinioti Ioanna , Petrou Vassilios , Michalakos Stefanos

Background: Non-compliance is a major issue for treatment failure in childhood obesity.Objective and hypotheses: To identify the barriers of adherence to weight management programs, of obese children and adolescents.Method: A descriptive, ongoing study based on phone recorded questionnaires with the use of information from the medical records. The study group consisted of 85 overweight and obese children and adolescents (M/F=46/39)...