hrp0095p2-39 | Bone, Growth Plate and Mineral Metabolism | ESPE2022

An anomalous gait

Lanzafame Ruggero , Pitea Marco , Sala Elisa , Del Barba Paolo , Pia Guarneri Maria , Balzano Emanuela , Barera Graziano

A 5-year-old Moroccan patient comes to our attention due to impaired gait with pain in the lower limbs, easy fatigue and poor gain in weight and stature. In the previous months he had some episodes of abdominal pain. During our first physical examination he was pale, with diffuse muscular hypotrophy, uncertain gait with an enlarged base, dubious hypertrophy of the calves and Gowers' sign. No varus / valgus of the lower limbs. Symmetrical and normo-evocable osteotendinous ...