hrp0084fc14.6 | Puberty | ESPE2015

An Evaluation of Glandular Breast Tissue Development and Volume by MRI in 121 Healthy Peripubertal Girls

Fugl Louise , Hagen Casper , Mieritz Mikkel , Tinggaard Jeanette , Fallentin Eva , Main Katharina , Juul Anders

Background: Since the late 1960’s, pubertal breast staging has been based on Tanner’s classification. Appearance of glandular breast tissue may be difficult to distinguish by palpation from the surrounding subcutaneous fat tissue, especially in obese girls. To our knowledge, validation of the clinical assessment of pubertal stages by MRI quantification of glandular breast tissue has never been performed.Objective and hypotheses: i) To report no...

hrp0082fc6.5 | Gonads & DSD | ESPE2014

Serum Levels of AMH Reflect Ovarian Morphology by MRI in 109 Healthy Peripubertal Girls

Hagen Casper P , Mouritsen Annette , Mieritz Mikkel G , Tinggaard Jeanette , Wohlfart-Veje Christine , Fallentin Eva , Anderson Richard A , Main Katharina M , Juul Anders

Background: In adult women, serum levels of AMH reflect both the number of small growing follicles and remaining primordial follicles. AMH levels range 15 fold between healthy girls. Interpretation of AMH is contentious due to minor intra-individual changes around time of pubertal onset despite continuous loss of primordial follicles.Objective and Hypotheses: To describe ovarian morphology (volume, follicles) in healthy girls and adolescents in relation ...

hrp0082p1-d1-201 | Reproduction | ESPE2014

The Effect of 17β-Estradiol on Uterine Volume in Young Women with Turner Syndrome: a 5-Year Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Cleemann Line , Holm Kirsten , Fallentin Eva , Moller Nini , Kristensen Bent , Skouby Sven Oluf , Leth-Esbensen Per , Jeppesen Eva Mosfeldt , Gravholt Claus

Background: The majority of Turner syndrome (TS) girls need exogenous estrogen treatment to induce normal uterine growth. The optimal estrogen treatment protocol has not been determined.Objective and hypotheses: To compare the effect of two different dosing regimens of oral 17β-estradiol on uterine size with the hypotheses that most girls with TS would benefit from a higher dose.Method: A double-blind 5-year randomized control...

hrp0084p2-330 | Fat | ESPE2015

Abdominal fat Distribution Measured by Magnetic Resonance Imaging in 197 Children Aged 10–15 Years – Correlation to Anthropometry and Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry

Tinggaard Jeanette , Hagen Casper P , Mouritsen Annette , Mieritz Mikkel G , Wohlfahrt-Veje Christine , Fallentin Eva , Larsen Rasmus , Christensen Anders N , Jensen Rikke B , Juul Anders , Main Katharina

Background: Obesity in childhood is defined by age- and sex-specific BMI cut-off values. However, BMI does not disclose the distribution of fat mass. Increased abdominal adipose tissue is associated with a higher risk of cardio-metabolic disease in adulthood. Thus, precise measurements of abdominal adipose tissue in children may enable early prevention of disease.Objective and hypotheses: To validate measurements of abdominal adipose tissue by anthropome...