hrp0086pl4 | Genomic imprinting and evolution | ESPE2016

“Genomic Imprinting and Evolution”

Feil Robert

Genomic imprinting in mammals is controlled by DNA methylation. This essential epigenetic phenomenon mediates the mono-allelic expression of about hundred autosomal protein-coding genes and hundreds of regulatory non-coding RNAs, such that these become expressed from one of the two parental alleles only. Although the first imprinted genes were discovered less than thirty years ago, given their key roles in fetal development, homeostasis and brain functions, these exceptional g...

hrp0084p2-470 | Growth | ESPE2015

Hypomethylation within the Imprinted Dlk1 - Dio3 Domain: a Potential Regulatory Mechanism of Pre and Postnatal Growth

Prats-Puig Anna , Carreras-Badosa Gemma , Bassols Judit , Cavelier Patricia , Magret Agnes , Sabench Cristina , Zegher Francis de , Ibanez Lourdes , Feil Robert , Lopez-Bermejo Abel

Background: Genomic imprinting causes genes to be expressed or repressed depending on their parental origin. The 1-Mb DLK1-DIO3 imprinted domain is located on human chromosome 14. Gene expression along this cluster is regulated by an intergenic differentially methylated imprinting control region (‘IG-DMR’). In mice, altered gene dosage within this cluster is associated with alterations in embryonic and placental growth.Objective and hy...

hrp0084p2-483 | Growth | ESPE2015

Hypermethylation at the Imprinted C19mc Microrna Cluster: A New Link between Maternal Metabolism and Infant’s Growth

Prats-Puig Anna , Carreras-Badosa Gemma , Bassols Judit , Girardot Michael , Carrion Empar , Gehmis Radu , Zegher Francis de , Ibanez Lourdes , Feil Robert , Lopez-Bermejo Abel

Background: Maternal obesity can have long-term consequences for the offspring’s health, including increased risk of type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The C19MC imprinted locus on chromosome 19q13.4 comprises a cluster of 46 microRNAs, which are usually expressed only in the placenta and from the paternal allele exclusively. Besides its role favouring trophoblast migration, the C19MC locus is deregulated in several human cancers. It is unknown ...

hrp0089fc15.3 | Growth and Syndromes | ESPE2018

Methylation of the C19MC microRNA Locus in the Placenta: A Mechanism whereby Maternal Body Size Links to that of the Child

Xargay-Torrent Silvia , Prats-Puig Anna , Mas-Pares Berta , Bassols Judit , Petry Clive J , Girardot Michael , de Zegher Francis , Ibanez Lourdes , Dunger David B , Feil Robert , Lopez-Bermejo Abel

Background: The C19MC locus microRNA gene cluster is imprinted in the placenta. Imprinted genes control prenatal development and placental functions, and are epigenetically regulated. The factors that affect the DNA methylation status of C19MC regulatory region are unknown, as is the impact of this differential methylation on the offspring’s body size.Objectives: To study in humans 1) the association of placental C19MC DNA...