hrp0086p1-p639 | Growth P1 | ESPE2016

Spanish ECOS Study Analysis: Socioeconomic Data, Adherence and Growth Outcomes with Case Studies

Rodriguez-Arnao Maria , Sanchez Amparo Rodriguez , Lopez Ignacio Diez , Fernandez Joaquin Ramirez , de la Vega Jose Bermudez , Ballano Virginia , Nieto Jenny Alvarez , Koledova Ekaterina

Background: The ECOS observational study in Spain (NCT01376921) aims to evaluate adherence to r-hGH therapy prescribed via the easypod™ electromechanical auto-injector device and to analyse factors that may influence adherence in paediatric patients. Easypod™ administers pre-set doses of Saizen® r-hGH and stores accurate records of each dose and injection taken, which can then be shared with the HCP for evaluation of the patient’s adherence.<...