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A novel heterozygous mutation in the SLC5A2 gene causing mild failure to thrive and subclinical hypoglycemia in a 2-year old girl

Dermitzaki Eleni , Manolakos Emmanouil , Filiousi Fotini , Kleanthous Kleanthis , Papadimitriou Dimitrios T.

Patients: A 2-year old girl was referred due to glucosuria 1874 mg/dl. Fasting blood sugar was 71 mg/dl and HbA1c 4.8%. Examination of her growth charts revealed mild failure to thrive, since 15 months of age, as far as weight gain and height velocity. We used Flash technology (FreeStyle Libre) to identify hypoglycemic episodes. In 9 days, 8% of the time was < 70 mg/dl, with 11 hypoglycemic events: mean duration 94 min, lowest 52 mg/dl.<p class...