hrp0084p2-501 | Perinatal | ESPE2015

Variation of Environmental Chemicals Measured in Serum During Pregnancy

Assens Maria , Frederiksen Hanne , Juul Anders , Main Katharina

Background: Significant changes in metabolism and water equilibrium are registered during pregnancy. However, very limited previous investigations have been carried out on variations of exposure levels and metabolism of non-persistent environmental chemicals during pregnancy.Objective and hypotheses: The objective of this longitudinal study is to describe variation in exposure of pregnant women to environmental chemicals. We hypothesise that variation in...

hrp0086fc10.5 | Perinatal Endocrinology | ESPE2016

Effects of Developmental Bisphenol A Exposure on Spermatozoal microRNA Expression

Fisher Benjamin , Sandovici Ionel , Braukmann Fabian , Frederiksen Hanne , Constancia Miguel , Miska Eric , Acerini Carlo

Background: Bisphenol A (BPA), a ubiquitous endocrine-disrupting chemical, has been shown to exert transgenerational effects on adiposity, metabolism, and reproductive outcomes in rodents, indicating epigenetic inheritance. Recent studies of other environmental insults (stress and high-fat diet) have demonstrated a mechanistic role for spermatozoal microRNAs in the transgenerational transmission of acquired paternal traits.Objective and hypotheses: To as...

hrp0095rfc6.2 | Sex Development and Gonads | ESPE2022

Dynamic changes of reproductive hormones in male minipuberty: Temporal dissociation of Leydig- and Sertoli-cell activity

S. Busch Alexander , Lindhardt Ljubicic Marie , N Upners Emmie , Bistrup Fischer Margit , Lau Raket Lars , Frederiksen Hanne , Albrethsen Jakob , Holm Johannsen Trine , P Hagen Casper , Juul Anders

Background: The male Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal (HPG) axis is transiently active during the first months of life with surging serum concentrations of reproductive hormones. This period, termed minipuberty, promotes masculinization, including testicular, and penile growth, as well as further testicular descent in males. It appears to be essential for priming specific cell types, i.e. Sertoli-, Leydig-, and germ cells, including subsequent growth and maturat...

hrp0092p1-136 | Sex Differentiation, Gonads and Gynaecology or Sex Endocrinology | ESPE2019

Serum Estradiol is Associated with Inhibin B in Healthy 1-6 Years Old Girls

Birkebaek Niels H. , Schørring Mia E. , Frederiksen Hanne , Kamperis Konstantinos , Kristensen Kurt , Rittig Søren , Juul Anders , Vestergaard Esben T

Background: The female gonadal axis is activated in mini-puberty and thereafter it is quiescent until puberty. We have shown that many girls with no clinical sign of puberty in the age group 1-6 yr. have a rather strong luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) response to a gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) test. However, stimulated LH and FSH values decreased in the age interval 1-6 yr and no LH/FSH values rose above 0.43. Serum est...

hrp0084p2-256 | Diabetes | ESPE2015

Exposure to Phthalates and Phenols in Relation to Gestational Blood Glucose Homeostasis

Fisher Benjamin G. , Frederiksen Hanne , Andersson Anna-Maria , Juul Anders , Thankamony Ajay , Ong Ken K. , Dunger David B. , Hughes Ieuan A. , Acerini Carlo L.

Background: Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), such as phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA), have been associated with insulin resistance (IR) and type 2 diabetes (T2D) in non-pregnant adults. By contrast, recent pilot studies of pregnant women found negative associations between phthalates and blood glucose, and a lack of association with BPA. No studies have examined gestational IR or secretion in relation to EDC exposure.Objective: To confirm these re...

hrp0094ha2 | Biphasic Pattern of Circulating Reproductive Hormones in Female Infants – The Longitudinal COPENHAGEN Minipuberty Study | ESPE2021

Biphasic Pattern of Circulating Reproductive Hormones in Female Infants – The Longitudinal Copenhagen Minipuberty Study

Lindhardt Ljubicic Marie , Siegfried Busch Alexander , Upners Emmie , Bistrup Fischer Margit , Holm Petersen Jorgen , Lau Raket Lars , Frederiksen Hanne , Holm Johannsen Trine , Juul Anders , Hagen Casper P.

Background: Minipuberty denotes a transient activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) hormone axis in infancy. This activation provides an opportunity to examine the gonadal function in infants suspected of hypogonadism before the axis is silenced during childhood. However, female minipuberty remains poorly elucidated. Objective: The study aimed to evaluate dynamic changes in luteinizing hormone (LH), follic...

hrp0092t4 | Top 20 Poster | ESPE2019

Use of Stored Serum in the Study of Time Trends and Geographical Differences in Exposure of Pregnant Women to Phthalates

Henriksen Louise , Mathiesen Barbara , Assens Maria , Krause Marianna , Skakkebæk Niels Erik , Juul Anders , Andersson Anna-Maria , Hart Roger , Newnham John , Keelan Jeffrey , Main Katharina , Pennell Craig , Frederiksen Hanne

Background: There is increasing evidence from epidemiological studies that some man-made chemicals present in the environment can disrupt endocrine homeostasis in exposed humans. Exposure during foetal life to e.g. phthalates has been linked to adverse effects on testicular and ovarian development, thyroid homeostasis and growth in postnatal life. Exposure to phthalates fluctuates not only from day to day but also over time which poses a major challenge for ex...