hrp0094p2-80 | Bone, growth plate and mineral metabolism | ESPE2021

Effect of Soy and Whey on growth pattern in young male Sprague-Dawley rats

Bar-Maisels Meytal , Menahem Chen , Shtaif Biana , Gabet Yankel , Bab Sahar , Phillip Moshe , Gat-Yablonski Galia ,

Background and Aims: The most effective environmental factor that affect longitudinal growth is nutrition, but the exact composition and the relative benefits of specific dietary proteins in supporting linear growth is unknown. In the current study, we compared the effect of whey and soy proteins on linear growth and bone strength in young fast growing male rats. Both proteins contain all essential amino acids and are considered the best proteins in their cate...

hrp0094p1-59 | Bone B | ESPE2021

Cartilage -specific knockout of SIRT1 significantly reduces bone quality and catch-up growth efficiency

Shtaif Biana , Bar-Maisels Meytal , Gabet Yankel , Hiram-Bab Sahar , Yackobovitch-Gavan Michal , Phillip Moshe , Gat-Yablonski Galia ,

Background: Spontaneous catch-up (CU) growth occurs when a growth-restricting factor is resolved. However, its efficiency is sometimes inadequate and growth deficits remain permanent. The therapeutic toolbox for short stature is currently very limited. Our previous studies using a nutrition-induced CU growth model showed that the level of sirtuin-1 (SIRT1) was significantly increased in food-restricted animals and decreased during CU growth.<p class="abste...