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Inappropriately High Rates of Cell Proliferation in Diffuse Congenital Hyperinsulinism are Linked to Nuclear Expression of CDK6

Salisbury Rachel , Han Bing , Mohamed Zainaba , De Krijger Ronald , Gardner Laurienne , Gardner Julia , Cosgrove Karen , Padidela Raja , Newbould Melanie , Banerjee Indraneel , Hanley Neil , Dunne Mark

Background: Congenital hyperinsulinism of infancy (CHI) mainly arises from loss-of-function mutations in the KATP channel genes. As a consequence, insulin release is uncontrolled and causes persistent or recurrent episodes of hypoglycaemia in neonates. In patients with diffuse-CHI (CHI-D) increased rates of cell proliferation has been reported, but the causes of proliferation are unknown.Objective/Hypotheses: To assess the extent of cell proliferation an...