hrp0084p2-424 | GH & IGF | ESPE2015

Timing of GH Peak in Provocation Tests is Important in Predicting the Effectiveness of Treatment with rhGH in Prepubertal Children with GHD

Georeli Irene , Triantafyllou Panagiota , Slavakis Aris , Christoforidis Athanasios

Background: Peak GH level during stimulation tests (STs) stands as an important parameter in growth prediction models and recently it was shown that timing of the peak value in glucagon stimulation test (GST) may be an important indicator of growth hormone deficiency (GHD).Objective and hypotheses: To detect a possible relationship between timing of the peak value of GH during STs and the effectiveness of treatment with rhGH in children with idiopathic G...

hrp0084p3-955 | GH & IGF | ESPE2015

Thyroid Function in Children Treated with rhGH for GH Deficiency

Triantafyllou Panagiota , Georeli Irene , Dimitriadou Meropi , Maliahova Olga , Daflos Anreas , Christoforidis Athanasios

Background: The relation between thyroid function and treatment with recombinant human GH (rhGH) has been the subject of many studies which indicate a decrease of fT4 levels and a compensatory TSH increase at rhGH therapy onset. On the other hand, we have identified a number of patients with documented primary hypothyroidism (either on treatment with L-thyroxine or not) before the onset of rhGH treatment.Objective and hypotheses...