hrp0089p3-p376 | Thyroid P3 | ESPE2018

An Impressive Recovery of Arrested Growth and Puberty in a 13 Year Old Boy after Being Treated for Simultaneously Diagnosed Severe Hypothyroidism and Coeliac Disease

Fafoula Olga , Panagouli Eleni , Panagiotakou Argyro , Mpeni Maria , Georgila Chrisitina , Korovessi Paraskevi , Kostaridou Stauroula

Background: Individuals with celiac disease are more likely to develop autoimmune thyroid disease compare to the general population and vice versa. Undiagnosed in childhood and adolescence, both diseases compromise final height. Clinical experience shows that near complete catch-up growth is possible in infants and young children, but not in children near or in puberty.Objectives: To report on the impressive acceleration of arrested growth in a 13 year o...