hrp0086p1-p818 | Syndromes: Mechanisms and Management P1 | ESPE2016

Haploinsufficiency of Short Stature Homeobox Containing Gene: Clinical Signs and Anthropometric Measurements in Children

Genoni Giulia , Monzani Alice , Castagno Matteo , Giordano Mara , Prodam Flavia , Bellone Simonetta , Bona Gianni

Background: Haploinsufficiency of short stature homeobox containing gene (SHOX) is one of the main monogenic causes of short stature. The phenotype of SHOX deficiency (SHOX-D) is often mild, making difficult to identify which short-statured children should be screened.Objective and hypotheses: To estimate the prevalence of SHOX-D in Italian short-statured children and to analyse their phenotype and the sensitivity of various scores and anthropometric mea...

hrp0097p1-330 | Growth and Syndromes | ESPE2023

A complex phenotype due to the overlap of two rare conditions: miller-mckusick-malvaux (3M) and chung-jansen syndrome

Chiarito Mariangela , Giordano Mara , Mellone Simona , Urbano Flavia , Felicia Faienza Maria

Introduction: I. was born at term by emergency caesarean delivery due to foetal distress, by unrelated parents. Birth weight: 2160 g (-3.18 SD), length 41.5 cm (-4.47 SD), head circumference 35.4 cm (0.57 SD). He was admitted in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for the severe growth retardation associated to dysmorphic features. Neonatal screening, echocardiography and brain ultrasound normal. Karyotype: 46,XY.Case present...

hrp0095p1-483 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2022

The ecology of the microbiome in children with congenital generalized lipodystrophy type 4 (CGL4) is quickly modified after metreleptin treatment

Mancioppi Valentina , Daffara Tommaso , Caputo Marina , Bellone Simonetta , Massa Nadia , Caramaschi Alice , Mignone Flavio , Romanisio Martina , Rabbone Ivana , Giordano Mara , Aimaretti Gianluca , Bona Elisa , Prodam Flavia

Introduction: Lipodystrophy syndromes are characterized by a progressive metabolic impairment secondary to adipose tissue dysfunction and genetic background. The role of microbiota is still uninvestigated.Objective: Evaluate the gut microbiome ecology in relation to dietary and clinical parameters in two infant siblings with congenital generalized lipodystrophy type 4 (CGL4) before and after treatment with recombinant le...